PFTP Best Affiliate Marketing Partner For Batch-I

Our Affiliate Marketing Partner Plan


Following are the benefits for our affiliate marketing partner to build-up his/her community with Pakistan Freelancing Training Program.

How To Apply

1. Register Yourself
2. Get your Affiliate Code
3. Start your Promotional Activities
4. Achieve targets
5. Get target based incentives

Referral Students Benefit:

Students who enrolled using referral code will get 5% discount in their registration fee.


PFTP is the Pakistan’s Largest Training Program Initiative launched with the aim to provide Skill Development Training to empower youth of the nation. The vision is to  reduce unemployment, creating awareness of 4.O and upcoming 5.O emerging technologies. Drive economic growth in Pakistan by increasing the inflow of foreign currency. After Learning this Program diligently, one can earn from $2000/- to $10000/- per month from international markets.