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Advance Android Development


Introduction to the android development course 

PFTP has the best online android course in 2022. We provide the best course materials and the best training experience. We put a lot of effort into making our course materials and training experience the best they can be. Our course is specially designed for Pakistani students teaching them in Urdu.

All the latest and updated tools and techniques are part of our online android development. Our online android course is the best in the market with unique and out-of-the-box teaching methods. Our instructors are specially trained to guide students in freelancing.

We believe that Pakistani youth can provide the best and top-ranked freelancing services in android development as we have the greatest numbers of IT literate young people interested in earning money through freelance development. 

The most thorough and simple android programming course is offered by Pakistan's freelancing training institute for anyone who has a strong desire to learn the power of android app development. 

Android allows app developers to generate new ideas and work with a wide range of smartphones to open up hardware options. Our online android app development course main goal is to teach students step-by-step, practical coding skills so they may work on apps that are in use right away.

Our online android development course in Lahore is a complete guide for achieving your freelancing goals. If you are not comfortable working as a freelance android developer, PFTP also guides and offers you internships in local companies in Pakistan having top market recommendations.


This course is intended to cover various concepts and practices for Android app development. You will learn new patterns of development. It should be written on Android is significantly different from other languages that might be written for back-end or desktop applications. 

The online android development course that we provide is divided into sections of working modules. It will include 12 modules and each of them will be dedicated to teaching you a field of a topic in android app development. 

After completing the course your knowledge of the course content will be tested through extensive quizzes and assignments which will ensure your ability in android development. 

Android online course is a comprehensive introduction to android app development. It is suitable for beginners with no previous programming experience who want to learn the basics of programming. 

You only need to have basic computer knowledge and our online android course will guide you through all the steps and methods that are required to become an expert android developer. This course only focuses on the basic knowledge of android development. 

All the latest and updated tools and techniques are used in our online android course so that one can become an expert from the beginner's level. 

Android development course in Lahore helps you to rapidly develop feature-rich applications, structure code with classes, functions, modules, and OO features, and access standard and third-party modules and packages. 

Android is still the most used mobile operating system in the world, and the demand for skilled Android developers remains very high. If you are thinking to learn Android Development in 2022 then go for it. 

What is the worth of future android development courses? 

Android is the best mobile platform between the application and processes architecture. After completing this android course using it to solve real-world problems and apps can play a major role in it. Android is dominating and its future is going to be very good.

The demand for good android developers is increasing rapidly. In the future you can acquire the required skills, you can definitely earn good money. Even you can launch your own app and earn money with Admob or affiliate marketing.

Why should you choose us for the android development course? 

This extensive course is designed to provide a good understanding of Android mobile app development using the latest versions of Java SE, Android SDK, Android Studio, and Firebase. It also covers Publishing Android Mobile Apps to the Google Play store. 

A highly skilled android developer can solve the problems of millions of people by making a useful app. We use apps every day because they make our lives easier.

Android devices are getting more efficient and affordable and there are no signs of a slowdown in the need for capable app developers. So if you're hoping to pick up this skill set for professional purposes. It is necessary to have a good understanding of Java before getting started on this path.

It’s known globally and is the most used operating system. Android software is installed on smartphones and is also used on other smart devices such as TVs, tablets, laptops, watches, etc.

What are the best careers in 2022 for the android app development course?

As an Android app developer, you can create apps used on Android devices. Apps have turned mobile devices into handheld computers and transformed the way people interact. As an Android app developer, you could be part of this mobile revolution by creating apps that are relied upon by smartphone users everywhere. 

Types of android development courses 

This course is suitable for those people who want to build native applications on Android. The training methodology is served step by step by the professional and experienced trainers who wish to enhance your skills in developing android apps from scratch! 

Course Outline 

The Basics What is Android? 

Architecture Explained 

Role of Java 

Fundamentals of Java 

What is Java 

Android SDK Android Studio

Device Emulator 

Profiling Tools 

Hello World Application 

Unit Testing and Debugging

Creating Unit Tests 

Android Development Tools (ADT) 

Using the Emulator

Analyzing the Heap 

Android User Interface 

View Hierarchy 



Types of Android Development course 

● Kotlin. 

● Google Flutter. 

● Mobile App Development. 

● Android Jetpack. 

● Firebase. 

● Mobile App Design. 

● JavaScript. 

● React Native. 

Advantages of android app development courses

One of the advantageous features of learning android app development is that you will be able to use all the qualities like creativeness, way of thinking, coding skills, and closeness to the real world. When you are designing the UI for your app, you are developing your creativity. 

How valuable is it to learn Android development? 

Android is a growing app market. Learning to develop an android app is a valuable skill you can leverage throughout your life. 

What services do we provide after learning android development? 

● Start freelancing for android 

● Now the reason I said is that by freelancing you will know how people demand their apps. What features do they require? 

● Upload apps on the play store after implementing your ideas on android

● Will help you get people's comments and you'll know how to handle every version of API so that your app works on every API or in short every mobile

Scope of android development course? 

There is a lot of scope for an android developer. You have to learn an android language and you can enhance your skills through working and experience in this field. 

Can I easily get a job with this android development course? 

The number of job opportunities for Android developers is almost infinite. 

When will this course end?

This is a 3-month course and will only end after the complete satisfaction of the student as a freelancer.




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