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Best online freelancing course in Pakistan

Pakistan freelancing training program provides you with the best online freelancing course in Pakistan which not only enables you to earn through freelancing websites like a fiverr and Upwork but also helps you to learn the best techniques and methods out there in the market which will lead you to become an expert of the trade in the freelancing world.

Our vision behind this program is to use the young workforce of Pakistan in the favour of the country and solve the economical issues by getting foreign remittances.

This online freelancing course is particularly designed to get you to master the skill in the freelancing world as it will not only enable you to get work from freelancing sites. But also teaches you the techniques and skills that you require to work remotely. It is a Course that provides a complete guide of freelancing.

In PFTP's online freelancing course you will learn about all the freelancing platforms and what skills are selling at the best rates on those platforms. We will also teach you about the bidding method that is used by the industry experts and the best techniques to market your skill in online marketplaces.

Why should you choose us for freelancing courses in Pakistan? 

Pakistan freelancing training program has proven to be the best and top-rated skills training program in Pakistan.

All of our courses are designed to guide students in a very hands-on approach. So that they can not only learn about freelancing but can also use their knowledge to earn money online and develop a career out of it.

Our instructors are the masters of their trade and are well known for their freelancing efforts in Pakistan. They are specially trained to not only teach you the course content but will lead you by example and will motivate you toward freelancing. We consider them your mentors, not your teachers as it is their responsibility to guide you in your journey of freelancing until you have achieved success in the field.

Proper guidelines of Freelancing Course in Lahore

The importance of freelancing courses in Pakistan is rising immensely, and experts at Pakistan freelancing training Program are offering the best freelancing courses in Lahore to help you become an independent contractor. As this course provides you with a complete guide of freelance training that will teach you how to bid on a project smartly and build a portfolio that attracts clients and can get you real-life work experience.

PFTPs online freelancing training program is the best in the market. When it comes to providing hands-on experience and practical learning our instructors are specialised in training. The best and latest in the industry using the updated tools and methods of making a gig and proposal building.

What You'll Learn in the freelancing course

This freelancing course in Lahore will teach you how to be successful at important freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiverr,, etc., learn how to build a strong portfolio, build rapport with their customers and find solutions to combat problems on their way to a successful freelancing career.

You will learn to manage multiple clients along with bidding strategies and the method to find the right client at the right time. We will also teach you the methods involved in optimising your portfolio such that you can rank higher in top search results. This course will guide you throughout your journey to becoming a top-ranked freelancer in Pakistan.

Overview of freelance work

Freelancers are self-employed individuals who are not contractually bound to one specific employer.

The meaning of “freelancer” is very broad. When you’re searching for freelance jobs, there are several different terms to be aware of. These can help you find freelance job openings, and they’re also useful when describing yourself and the work you do to potential clients.

Contract work: Jobs where you’re a temporary contract worker, rather than a permanent employee.

Contract job: Same as contract work.

Independent contractor: Another common way to say freelancer, but your work terms are specified by a contract with another company or individual.

1099: Refers to the IRS form an independent contractor fills out, Form 1099-MISC, and is often used to describe the job (“This is a 1099 contract role”).

Contract consultant: Someone who is hired for temporary consultations for specific issues within a company.

Contract-to-hire: A job that begins as a freelance, independent contractor position but has the potential to become a regular employee position if things go well.

Learn about the latest tools from freelancing

We provide the best Freelancing Course in Lahore with complete knowledge and hacks of tools that are used in the freelancing world. Our instructors are market leaders as they use and train with the latest and updated tools of the trade. Freelancing is all about using creativity and flexibility to deliver the best results.

Learn about making money from Fiverr

Fiverr is a great place to get extra cash, as long as you have the right skills and you can provide advanced service. So, if you trust you have what it takes to offer premium services, Fiverr can help you earn as much as you want from anywhere.

We have a complete strategy to promote gigs and get dollars. According to a recent Priceonomics report, 96.3% of sellers on Fiverr earn $ 500 or less per month, with the majority (70%) making less than $ 100. It is estimated that only 1% of sellers earn $ 2,000 a month or more. As of 2019, there are 830,000 freelancers.

Learn about making money from Upwork

Upwork is a freelancing platform with the most amount of projects than any other site. But its working methodology is different than a fiver as you have to bid on projects that you think suit you the most online freelancing course will teach you all the methods of making a portfolio that attracts clients and will also help you to improve your business communication skills.

Learn about making money from People per hour

PeoplePerHour additionally permits the Sellers to send direct proposals to Buyers on any job that is uploaded. To do that you have to look for your relevant jobs on an everyday schedule and begin sending proposals to the ones you want to finish without any problem. Presently there’s a cutoff to the number of proposals that you can send. You can send just 15 proposals in a month. That implies that you must be extremely cautious about to whom you are sending a proposal. Attempt to pick the most straightforward jobs in the beginning and make incredible proposals to limit the odds of rejection.

Can this online freelance course in Pakistan help you become a freelancer in Pakistan?

This course will help you understand the basics and key concepts of freelancing. The Online freelancing course is designed to equip you with the tools and strategies required to excel in the freelancing market.

This course has all the topics, methods, techniques, and tools that are required to build a successful freelancing career especially designed for the Pakistani market as it is estimated that the Pakistani freelancing industry is on its boom to become the world leader in IT exports and on top of it Pakistan has a youth bulge which means that we have more young people than any other age groups these young people are likely to build a career in IT industry as it has a huge market gap which we believe Pakistan can fill up with the workforce skilled by Pakistan freelancing training program.

Which services are we providing after getting this freelancing course?

Our trainers will guide you in all the fields that are high in demand at freelancing sites. After the completion of the course, we will test and judge your knowledge of freelancing and skills that you have that can be cashed on freelancing sites. And if you don't have such skills then our team will also provide you with skill-based training programs that suit your personality the best then after acquiring these skills our trainers will guide you to start your career in the freelancing industry. So that you can earn from the comfort of your home.


Why Should I join this PFTP online freelancing course?

If you want to make money online while sitting in the comfort of your home freelancing is the best way to go as the Pakistan freelancing training program provides you with the online freelancing course that is best in the market. Why should you miss the opportunity to grab your opportunity and sign up?

Is the course relevant and up-to-date?

Our online freelancing course has all the latest and updated content designers and is recommended by the industry leaders.

Can I get a certificate after taking this freelancing course?

All of our courses are certified by the government of Pakistan and the government of Punjab. You will receive a certificate after completing the course and testing your knowledge. That certificate will be proof of your knowledge and skills in freelancing.

Can I pay for this online freelancing course?

Yes! You can pay online for an online Freelancing Course as provided the most affordable and best freelancing course in Lahore.

This course is for how long?

This course is designed to last for 3 months of which 1.5 months are dedicated to training and the last 1.5 months are to judge and test your knowledge about the industry.




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