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PFTP provides the best online graphic designing courses

Graphic designing is a vast field that covers many designs and color-related topics and to develop a deep understanding of the topic it is considered an industry standard to have a BS degree. In this field of graphic design or at least 14 years of design education, PFTP believes in the skilled world beyond academics and degrees. 

Thus to provide you with a deep understanding of graphic design Pakistan freelancing training program developed a logo designing course that is specially designed for Pakistani students in Urdu. 

This online graphic designing course is the only course that packs all the knowledge of a BS degree in graphic designing into a 3-month course with hands-on experience of all the latest market tools and regular quizzes and assignments to judge your knowledge.

To ensure that you are market-ready after that Pakistan freelance training program also helps interested and skilled students to start freelancing to earn money while sitting in their homes just using their skills.

These methods and commitments that we make with the students are what make Pakistan. The freelancing Training program’s online graphic designing course is different and the best in the market.

Our Trainers are well recognized and trained to make you the master of the craft of graphic designing and all its aspects. So that you can start your career as a freelancer and make money online as well as do local brand works. As we believe that there is a huge market gap in the supply and demand of the graphic designing work that our students can fill in both national and international markets. 

Why should you choose us for the online graphic designing course? 

Graphic designing courses are made to make you he master designing and digital media creation. But many of the courses that are available in the market are not doing. What they are supposed to do, as they just display the big names and promise you high-end results.

But in actual means, they don't put their money where their mouth is but Pakistan freelance training program is not one of them. As we deliver what we promise and our previous students are evidence of this claim. 

Hence our online graphic designing course is our top demanded course made especially for Pakistani students according to their understanding of the field-related knowledge our instructor trains. 

Are you in a unique way that will be a mix and match of theoretical and practical training along with constant knowledge testing modules? They are designed in a way to teach you all the tips and tricks of a 4 years professional degree in a 3 months course making it one of the best courses available in the market?

An online graphic design course is also preferred instead of a physical graphic designing course. Because it provided you with the luxury of the comfort that you can enjoy while sitting in your home. 

In the harsh weather conditions in Lahore, it's hard to attend all the classes and we understand this that's why our online graphic designing course provides you with an in-depth knowledge of the field of graphic designing along with a question and answering zoom session after every 2 weeks that helps you clear all your queries similar to a physical class.

Our online graphic designing course is a complete graphic designing course in a physical environment. But made better with our smart teaching methods coupled with our skill and top-ranked instructors to top it all our main focus is to get you to start your freelancing career and earn you living while doing it. 

What is the worth of a graphic designing online course? 

Online graphic designing is a skill high in demand right now in the freelancing market there is a ton of brand work that is to be done and many advertising companies need a graphic designer to make the ads, posters, and brand awareness posters not only many companies need a graphic designer for product design and look as getting the attention of the customers with the product is the goal of the brand. 

Our course Ensures all the marketing aspects are taught properly hence making you market-ready. You will receive a certificate after completing the course which will be valid proof of your skill as the Pakistan freelancing training program is a certified and recognized institute in Lahore. 

Types of online graphic designing courses

Graphic designing is a vast field coving many topics and fields of designing from digital art creation to brand representation and commercial works. 

These jobs a high skills jobs and only a professional designer with good industrial knowledge can perform these jobs. To achieve that level of mastery you will need to have a master's class in graphic design. 

This online freelancing graphic designing course is a master class in graphic designing proving you with all the skills and knowledge that you need in the field of freelancing.

There are many Courses available in the market for freelancing.

  • Web Design

  • UI and Interactive Design.

  • Advertising and Marketing Design.

  • Motion Graphics and Animation.

  • Packaging Design.

  • Game Design.

  • Illustration.

  • Publication and Typographic Design.

All these skills are highly demanded in the industry that's why our online freelancing course provides the students with every aspect of graphic design knowledge and teach them how to become successful freelancer using their design skills and knowledge.


This skill is not limited to only these fields, our instructors are trained to guide you through other fields that relate to the graphic design industry. As well as marketing-related designing, web developing-related designing, Newspaper and content development, entertainment-related design, and product manufacturing-related designing.   

Hand practice of graphic designing tools

In this master class course in graphic designing our method of teaching is focused on developing a hands-on learning experience that makes you learn the skill by practicing the craft by hand. 

Testing your knowledge and constantly guiding you throughout your graphic designing journey is not enough to become a master in the field of graphic designing. You will also need some hands-on practice to make yourself comfortable with the tools and applications that are used in the industry. 

ADVANTAGES OF graphic designing courses in Lahore

Becoming a graphic designer is a very good career option as they get to express their thoughts and emotions about the world in their craft. 

They are well paid and high in demand. Job security is not a problem for graphic designers as they get more work as a freelancer than working as full-time workers. Some market-related advantages of a graphic designing course are as follows. 

Freedom of work and training  

A graphic designer is not constrained by the location and time to work they are free to work at their ease and comfort they get the luxury of working from their homes. That's why we are providing an online graphic designing course by which you can learn all the skills while sitting in your home.

High paid jobs 

Due to the high demand for graphic designers in the freelance market, they get to enjoy some high-end salaries and project fees and this also translates to a higher chance for them to get a project in a competitive environment.

In-Depth course training

To become a market competitive designer you must learn all the design knowledge of all the fields and to learn everything separately it will take years and years of dedicated training but our course helps you get in-depth knowledge of all the fields.

PFTP Mentors for Graphic Designers

Pakistan freelancing training program has some top-ranked freelancers and industry leaders as their instructors who are specially trained to guide students with our unique teaching methods which combine theoretical and practical teaching along with the testing and judging of the skill ensuring that you become a market-ready designer. 

Our course also awards you with a certificate that will be valid throughout the country and will provide proof of evidence of your skills it is consisted to be equivalent to a professional degree.

With a certificate, you can become a professional graphic designer

Our training programs are certified and our certificates are the proof of your skills it consists that once you have our certificate you become a professional graphic designer as it is not that easy to attain our certificate. You have to go through intensive assessments and project competition which ensures your knowledge of graphic design and market knowledge.

Which services are we providing after getting this graphic designing complete course? 

After completing the course you will be guided to choose a field that suits you the best and would help you to become a successful designer. There are many subs filed and branches of specializations in the field of graphic designing that one can become a master off to do freelancing and become a top-ranked freelancer. 

There are many filed to choose from such as Web Design, UI and Interactive Design, Advertising and Marketing Design, Motion Graphics and Animation, Packaging Design, Game Design, Illustration, and Publication, and Typographic Design all of the following fields are coved in our online graphic designing course so you learn what you're most interested.


Graphic designers are expected to have certain knowledge?

Yes, it is considered to be an industry standard that a graphic designer should have detailed knowledge about all the fields and aspects of designing. One should not only be a master of a single style of design but rather become a jack of all trades so that he could design anything that is thrown at him as a freelancer. 

This is the reason our graphic designing course covers all the fields that are related to graphic designing. 

This course is for how long?

This graphic designing course is programmed to teach you the best and the latest skills in the field making you a professional graphic designer and to do that we planned our course in 3-month duration first half of that duration will be dedicated to teaching you all the theoretical knowledge and then the second half is for testing your knowledge and skills through projects assignments and internship programs ensuring that you are market-ready and can become a top-ranked freelancer.

How do I apply to PFTPEDU for a graphic designing course?

Pakistan freelancing training program is an initiative made to educate and empower the Pakistani youth and to accomplish the goals we have designed one of the easiest processes in the market through which you can apply to our courses using our website. You just have to follow a few simple steps to apply for an online graphic designing course.

  1. Visit our website

  2. Go to the Register now page and sign up for free by providing some basic information.

  3. Fill out the additional form and select the course as Graphic designing

  4. Get your free voucher and pay for it. 

  5. After verification of the payment, you will immediately be given access to the course content. 

Where do I go if I have queries?

Pakistan freelancing training program provides an online course in such a way that students feel more confident about online classes than the physical classes and to solve the major problem of questions answering we have designed our model of students' direct interaction with their instructors through WhatsApp groups and fortnight zoom session where you would be able to directly interact with the instructor.

If this was not enough you can also submit a feedback form at any time which is directly connected with the PPTP management.




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