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MS office(basic of it)


Best MS Office Course in Lahore

PFTP’s Online MS Office course is the best course you are looking for, as we are privileged to deliver beginner and advanced MS Office digital skills to the Pakistani youth. Our cooperative instructors teach all the course modules in our national language–Urdu– which is understandable to all and sundry. 

We deliver the course for beginners who have just learned about the world of computers and for advancers working in leading positions. In MS Office Course, you get an opportunity to learn the art of mastering MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. These applications are appropriate for all types of modernized working ecosystems.  We are also experts in the MS Office Training course for the professional level so that you succeed at the highest level.

This MS Office course is an incredible platform for interested students to learn digital office skills and be able to manage information systems. More interestingly, PFTP not only provides online MS Office classes but also facilitates access to some of the most interactive instructors in the concerned field.

Why should you choose us for Online MS Office Course in Lahore?

Our MS Office online course in Lahore guides and facilitates students to become self-reliant via earning digital income. Our digital initiative is also aimed at motivating the considerable youth bulge of Pakistan to pursue a career in freelancing MS office work so that they can contribute to Pakistan's digital economy and ease the country's economy. We believe in our enthusiastic youth to set us free from the prison of the crisis cycle.

The MS Office course will familiarize the student community with the art of creating and editing documents containing text and images, working with data in spreadsheets and databases, and creating presentations and posters. It is designed to teach students both theoretical and practical hands-on approaches.

What is the duration of this MS Office course?

The duration of the online MS Office course in Lahore ranges from one and a half months to two months. We deliver expertise in MS Office in a reasonably short span of time and prepare a learned community of youth to make them self-earning individuals. 

How much does it cost to take the Microsoft Office Training Course in Lahore?

Microsoft Office Training course in Lahore by PFTP is most reasonable in terms of cost all over Pakistan as it only charges a meager amount of Rs. 2500/-. Comparatively, PFTP is privileged to provide digital skills in such a low cost so that even a hand-to-mouth earner can have hands on it. 

What you’ll learn in the Online MS Office course

Microsoft Word

MS Word is a word processing tool that is probably the most extensively used document suite in the world today. We deliver from beginners to advanced skills in MS word so that you can be able to manage office information and management systems. Microsoft Word is one of the very basic tools to use when connecting with people through computers. Whether you are writing a personal letter, creating content, or connecting with your associates; Word is the application to use.

Microsoft Excel

Every commercial enterprise uses Microsoft Office Excel in some way or the other. PFTP’s most skilled MS Office trainers provide excellence in this MS tool. This allows students to learn about storing, processing, and modifying data in a tabular form easily. It is the layman’s best friend to compute data and use formulas for basic calculations. MS Excel also has an interactive interface so that data can be inter-shared with MS Office tools. 

Microsoft PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint is commonly used to create presentations using slides. PFTP’s MS Office instructors are also delivering their skills in MS PowerPoint. The students learn to create just the perfect presentation to impress their audience without any fancy applications

Advantages of advanced MS Office Course Online in Lahore

Expert trainers can teach you techniques and skills for mastering Microsoft Office tools with proficiency. MS Office is well known for being easy to use. You can do anything you imagine with this suite for personal and business use.

  • Cooperative and interactive group of professional instructors.

  • Collaboration is easy with an online MS Office expert via our LMS or WhatsApp

  • An Online MS Office learner requires no special equipment.

  • It is a compatible tool with access to desktop publishing, mobile Office apps, and an online cloud interface at reasonable license prices.

  • Microsoft Office comes with many different kinds of software tools, all of which help with desktop publishing.

  • An interface to communicate and cooperate with your colleagues.

Which services are we providing after getting this advanced course in MS Office?

We provide career-developing opportunities when you become skilled and advanced MS office course online. We are privileged to offer our students Internship opportunities in one of the world’s leading technologies software houses and scholarships in more than 25 leading international countries and win cash prizes, laptops, tablets, etc. We also facilitate our students to have access to the multiverse of 40+ online courses. Briefly, PFTP is an initiative that the Government of Pakistan highly backs.

What is the worth of the future of Microsoft Office Training course?

Microsoft Office Training course is worth having the certification, in its perfect potential is a boost for your professional career. In today’s digitalized world, the MS Office skillset is your only chance of survival as a large number of companies globally rely on MS Office tools to enhance their productivity. Thence, excellence in MS Office tools increases your chances of getting a good salaried job and more opportunities of seeking promotion.

Salary and Job Outlook for Microsoft Office Specialists

As per Pay-scale, the average salary of a Microsoft Office Specialist is around $49,000 per year. Part-time work gives the best option to boost career prospects potentially.

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for the Microsoft Office Specialist MOS is expected to see a 3% growth in opportunities from 2014 to 2024.


Does MS Office have any courses?

Yes, there are a plethora of Microsoft Office courses available in the market that helps you learn different levels of skills and expertise in MS Office, but our online course is specially designed for Pakistani students; we believe our team is delivering them mastery at their level of understanding that too in their national language.

Is it possible to become an MS Office expert without a degree?

While acquiring an educational degree is essential, however, you do not need a degree to become a Microsoft Office specialist. Though many colleges and institutions offer outstanding online ms office courses, they lack the hands-on approach and freelance training. PFTP’s MS Office course comes with the goods of both arenas.

Is there a best MS Office course available online?

When you come up with a choice of selecting the best of all in MS Office online courses, from all the available options at your hand, PFTP’s online MS Office stands out. It proves itself to be the best in the market as it is specially crafted for Pakistani youth and teaches them all the MS Office skills in Urdu for a better understanding of concepts and practical knowledge. Over and above, our eminent trainers not only teach course modules but also train them for the freelance market so that students can cash on their newly learned skills while sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Is this MS Office course certified?

Yes, PFTP’s all online courses are accredited and recognized by many national and international institutions as well as it provides you with proof of your skills.




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