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PFTP’s online logo designing course

Pakistan freelancing training program online logo designing course is an online lecture course. It contains all the secrets of the logo designing industry and it is structured in such a way that it can make you a master of the craft in 3 months. On top of it, all of this is taught in Urdu so that in-depth knowledge of the subject can be ensured.

Our logo designing course is the best in the market as we promise to provide hands-on training on the subject along with an internship opportunity. It leads to a full-time freelancing job to give our students a sense of security and assurance that they will be able to earn from the comfort of their homes as a freelancer.

Trainers that teach Online logo designing are the industry leader in the freelancing world. They are a top-ranked freelancer having extensive experience in logo design in the national and international market. It works with all sorts of brands and companies providing them with a logo that attracts them. The target audience boosts the brand's reach which they are trained to teach you so that you can do the same and achieve your freelancing goals.

Why should you choose us for an online logo design course in Pakistan?

PFTP’s online logo designing course is a complete guide for designing and branding that helps you get started with your graphic designing and logo creation career. This course is designed especially for Pakistani students. It explains all the designing terminologies in the Urdu language which makes it easier for you to understand the branding rules and regulations.

In the logo designing course, you will get access to the logo designing content. Its theoretical lectures will build your knowledge base of the skill and then your skill will be tested.  Making sure that you are market-ready this kind of hands-on approach makes our online logo designing course. The best in the market as we try to not only teach you how to make logos and branding ideas. But also to train you to start earning from your skill using freelancing sites or in the local market.

Our institute visions the youth of Pakistan as its biggest asset and aims to develop a young workforce that will rule the freelancing throne. Our country's environment is most suitable for exporting our technical knowledge specialty in the art of designing and unique logo culture. 

The other parts of the world don't have this, this unique design not only makes our designers high in demand in the international market. But also provides us an opportunity to represent Pakistan's art and culture in the world. 

But to do that you will need proper guidance and a mentor who can teach you all the tips and tricks of logo designing. This is where our online logo designing course will help you as our instructors are the leading freelancers in the market with tons of experience and life lessons to share.

Proper guidelines of logo design online course in Lahore

The logo design online course will assist your way throughout the journey of becoming an expert logo maker and a top-rated freelancer. It explains all the theoretical and design knowledge in Urdu for your better understanding and also tests your knowledge with weekly quizzes, assignments, and Projects.

This course covers in-depth and detailed knowledge of logo making and brand designing. It reveals the whole professional logo design process from start to finish covering everything from sketching, fonts, character placement, symbol development, color application, and much more. You’ll also learn insider tips and tricks as well as have a full briefing of logo design types in exclusive showcases.

Logo designing Course covers all the tools and methods of logo making including  Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Figma, and Canva business. Also, there are many more that will make sure that you grasp all the theoretical and practical knowledge of logo designing and brand works. 

Along with logo making our focus is on the marketing side of logo making, teaching all the marketing strategies. It will help you to attract the target market and build an emotional connection with the people related to the brand and then to cash in on this skill you will learn about freelancing.

What You'll Learn in the logo designing course

Logo designing is a profession that requires your artistic skills. You must know about colors, design features, and branding methods in order to become a successful logo designer. Our logo design online course is made to teach you all this in a very precise and in-depth way.

You will get to know about design features, golden ratios, color combination, marketing techniques to grab attention with colors and design, focal points of a logo, and logos in print formats to digital formats. 

But our course is not limited to theoretical knowledge of logo design. But it also helps you get the hands-on experience of logo making as we train you with the latest and updated tools and software. They are considered to be the industry standards such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Corel Draw, and many many more.

Our experts are believers in teaching advanced methods of each software used in logo making. They will explain each tool and command access in the software used such as adobe illustrator. 

You will learn about all the powerful full tools from illustrators such as a pen tool. It allows you to draw something on a raw canvas and gradients that are used in making multi-shaded colored objects.

LOGO Style theory

Explains to us the concept of the color and design features of the logo that leaves a strong impact on the audience of the brand. It can help the brand achieve the required branding goals like building an emotional connection with the audience. 

It is through the font styles and unique thought-provoking style of the logo. Such that people get lost in the style of the integrated logo and make their branded decision on the bases of the logo and brand representation.

The colors have many effects on our minds as sometimes it influences our decision and purchasing behavior. This is where our online logo design course will help you understand how people and their subconscious minds get affected by the colors and style of the logo.

Logo design theory is the key concept of our online logo design course in Pakistan. That makes it the best of them all available in Lahore at the best and most economical price tag.

ADVANTAGES OF logo designing courses

Logo designing is a field that has tons of demand with very little supply that's why many freelancing sites such as Fiverr have started. It provides its own logo designing software which helps meet the needs of its clients through artificial intelligence. But these computer-generated logos are very emotionless and lack the concept of impacting people. It is through the colors and design but businesses around the world know this and want a logo design. 

They can boost their marketing efforts and get more traffic, hence to achieve this goal they want the logo designer to make them great logos that attract people's attention. 

This creates a huge demand for logo designers in the freelancing market. It provides you with an opportunity to earn money from the comfort of your home and make a career. 

Other than freelancing you can use your skills in logo designing. It helps your business by creating a logo that impacts your target audience in the right way. Such that they could convert and build a level of trust by just looking at your logo's design.

Highlights of Logo Design Courses

PFTP's online logo design course is an in-detail logo design online course. It covers all the designing topics and theory work along with hands-on practical work with regular quizzes and assignments. 

This course is a complete guide that you will need to become a top-rated logo maker. Some detailed course topics are given below.

      Adobe Illustrator

      Adobe Photoshop



      Color Theory

      Marketing models and branding

      Subconscious marketing

These topics will give an extensive knowledge of the industry of logo designing along with the freelancing market with our online logo designing course you will become a master of the logo making market.

Popular Courses

Many courses that are similar to this course will provide you with the knowledge of many individual tools and topics covered in online logo designing courses. Like adobe illustrator course adobe Photoshop course Figma course Canva business course.


This course is planned to train you with an exceptional teaching methodology as it teaches you the theory of logo design for 1.5 months and then for the next 1.5 months we will judge your knowledge of the skill through quizzes, assignments, and Projects so the total duration of the course is 3 months.

Top Job Prospects  

Logo designing is a highly demanded skill in the freelance market and local brands that you can cash on and make a career off as freelancing websites are looking for logo designers. Graphic designers for their clients because of the high demands in the market there is a considerable gap to fill up.

Average Salary

The average salary for a Graphic Designer in Pakistan is Rs 367899 and the freelancer Logo Designers in America make an average salary of $49,967 per year.

Logo Design Courses: FAQs

Is it possible to learn Logo Design online?

Yes, it is very much possible to know the logo designing online and PFTP provided the best course for it.

It is not like other courses that only explain the theoretical knowledge of the subject. But it also helps you gain hands-on experience in the subject.

Is there any average fee for an online Logo Design course?

Yes, the average fee of an online logo designing course is more than 20000pkr but PFTP provides you with the best online logo design course in Lahore at the best and most economical rates.

Can I get a scholarship for Logo Design certifications?

You can apply for the scholarships for our logo designing course from our website in the scholarships section.

Do I have instant class access?

You will get weekly class access as soon as your paid fee voucher is verified and with that, you will be enrolled in the batch attending all the classes, quizzes, and assignments given to students.

How is logo design taught in this course?

Our model is based on teaching practical work as much as possible in a way that you get a complete understanding of the course.




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