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PFTP Provides the best Amazon virtual assistant course

An Amazon virtual assistant is an individual who assists an Amazon store owner remotely.

PFTP is Pakistan's Largest Freelancing Training Program and industry leader in training the youth of Pakistan with skills that can help them to earn money & Build a career

Amazon Virtual assistance course is our top in-demand course as we also believe that Amazon is the fastest-growing marketplace in the world and it could resolve the economical problems of the Pakistani market by giving access of international consumers to our local producers through Amazon and Amazon virtual assistant can bridge this gap, so Amazon virtual assistance course by PFTP is the way to go for you if you want to earn money from the comfort of your home and bring a change in the society by doing so.

Our vision is to reduce unemployment and create awareness of 4. O and upcoming 5. O emerging technologies. Drive economic growth in Pakistan by increasing the inflow of foreign currency. And to do that PFTP believes in the Amazon virtual assistant course as it provides you with enough training and teaching that you can start your own amazon business or you can Provide Remote assistance to many businesses mans out there who want to run a successful business but are not well informed thus making money from the comfort of your home and bringing foreign investments in Pakistan.

What are the benefits of the Amazon virtual assistant course in Pakistan?

Pakistan, which has about 60% of its 200 million population in the 15 to 29 age group, represents an enormous human and knowledge capital. Pakistan has more than 300,000 English-speaking IT professionals with expertise in current and emerging IT products and technologies, 13 Software technology parks, and More than 20,000 IT graduates and engineers are being produced each year coupled with a rising startup culture.

In the traditional IT outsourcing other south Asian nations are becoming increasingly expensive and these countries are finding it hard to compete in the technology areas like Amazon Virtual Assistance.

On top of that Pakistan has been a closed market in terms of Export of its Local Products which gives a big opportunity to Business Owners all over the country to use Amazon Market Place as a platform to sell online but for that, they must get the help of an Amazon Virtual Assistant which will become high in demand profession, So to catch early on this race join our amazon virtual assistance course which is one of the best Amazon Virtual Assistance course in Pakistan by far. 

In accordance with Pakistan Vision 2025 and the Digital policy of Pakistan 2018, the ICT industry size is targeted to reach $20 billion by 2025.

How to apply for a virtual assistance course in Pakistan

Pakistan freelancing training program is designed in such a way that someone with the basic IT and computer skills could use our courses easily and take full advantage of our provided opportunity. 

Step 1: Visit our web page PFTP

Step 2: Select the Amazon virtual assistance course from the courses given

Step 3: Fill out the form with your information, and contact details and answer a few questions to see if you qualify for the course

Step 4: An online invoice will be generated

Step 5: After the verification of the payment you will be granted the access to all the course resources

Requirements to join amazon training in Pakistan

Amazon virtual assistance course is a beginner-level course that will help you get knowledge about the Amazon marketplace and its tools but it's not limited to that level. Our focus in Amazon virtual assistance course is to train you from zero which means the basic level to hero a working profession in Amazon assistance.

So if you know the basic computer skills and have a laptop or PC at home with an internet connection this course is for you.

If you love to research the market and know about the new products daily you will love training in this course. 

Which topics are covered in the amazon course in Pakistan

Amazon virtual assistance course in Pakistan is made especially for the Pakistani students and it includes all the training modules that Pakistani students need to get started with Amazon and run a successful business.

Amazon Private Label Course

Learn how to find, launch and scale your own private-label brands without touching inventory.

Amazon FBA wholesale 

The FBA platform offered by Amazon is the most effective platform for to direct sale of products in a competitive market. Moreover, wholesale physical products can build their way directly to the market and approach real buyers. It requires education and a complete system to understand how things actually work.

Amazon dropshipping course 

A better understanding of how Dropshipping can also work via Warehouses or 3PL by buying inventory in the first place and storing it at 3PL will help you become the owner of the Products before you resell them.

Amazon Listing creator course 

This course is designed to give you the basics of how to create a listing from start to finish. It includes an example of creating a listing from a product that already exists on another store's website and it also covers topics including keyword research, consumer behavior, editing photos, and Amazon search methodology.

 Amazon Product research tools course 

This class will show you exactly how to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon and Refine your search. Once you have plenty of ideas, the next step is to continue your research to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Remember, we don't just want good ideas, we want the perfect product to launch and make a profit from.

Amazon Advertisement & PPC course 

My main goal with this course is to reach as many advertisers (and future advertisers) as possible and help them avoid all the mistakes that I made over the last few years that have cost me a lot of time and money.

Sponsored Ads are becoming increasingly important on Amazon as the platform is transforming into a pay-to-play "arena" where it is often not possible anymore to stand out without spending a substantial amount of money on advertising.

Amazon PPC advertising can be difficult and frustrating, but the solution is NOT to look for hacks or magic tricks, or secret campaign types that will turn your advertising performance around. The solution is to really understand the basics and internalise how Amazon's algorithm works when it comes to advertising.

Schedule and timing for virtual assistant amazon course

Amazon virtual assistance course is designed in such a way that you can gain all the knowledge that you desire from the course as it is an amazon virtual training program so you are free to watch the course content at any time there are 12 total recorded lectures that you will have to watch in 1.5 months duration and then the next 1.5 months will be your training and testing session in which a set of many assignments and projects will be given to you in order to test your knowledge about the Amazon virtual assistance course.

Then after the testing phase, a short freelancing session will also be held to teach you how to get financial gains from the training that you just got. 

What is the worth of the future of the Amazon virtual assistant course?

The purpose of the course is to provide a way that helps to find best sellers and tools to make the brand recognized on Amazon. Moreover, you can find the opportunity to learn how to sell fast through Amazon, find distributors, approach resellers, and get certificate and authority letters to proceed with the selling through Amazon wholesale. The online amazon wholesale training in Pakistan introduces and provides the practicing opportunity for the pricing, approaching the wholesale, and education on the understanding and usage of the tools. 

How do I become an Amazon virtual assistant in Pakistan without a degree?

Most people feel a lack of support, education, and fear of proceeding with new things. But the Amazon wholesale program is designed for all who have the idea and they are looking for a way to get success right away. If you are the one who is ambitious enough to learn and maintain a startup of your own, then this is the best spot for you to enroll and get hands-on experience on the Amazon wholesale platform.

Amazon is the Largest Growing Make Place in the World and to run a trading business on amazon you will not be needing a Professional degree or a college diploma it has its own set of training and requirements that you need to know to get started and run a successful business. PFTP has collected these methods and knowledge from Industry Experts and formed it into a 1.5-month (Couse Amazon assistance course).

In today's competitive world it's hard to imagine your future without a higher education degree. Still, PFTP promises you the future that you imagine without a degree and that is because of the Success of our amazon assistance course that will provide you with enough knowledge and training that you will be able to run your own amazon business or could help others investors in getting started with their amazon journey.


Do virtual assistants make money?

Some realistic estimates of their monthly income sit between $1,250 and $10,875 for general Virtual Assistants, while VAs with specialist skills such as graphic design, copywriting, SEO, web development, and other such specialties generate even more money, typically between $1000 and $5000 (sometimes even more).

Does Amazon FBA operate in Pakistan?

Yes amazon FBA operates in Pakistan but there are a few complications like you will be needing an international bank account and many others like this don't worry PFTPs Amazon virtual assistance course has you covered as we will teach you all the methods that you require to become FBA expert in Pakistan.

Is it possible for virtual assistants to earn a living?

Yes, many Pakistanis are making lots of money and are living a good life while being amazon virtual assistants in Pakistan

Can I pay a fee for the online amazon course in Lahore?

Yes, you can pay the fees for the course in Lahore as our office is located in Lahore model town.




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