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wordpress & magento with HTML5 and CSS 3


PFTP provides the best training course in WordPress,& Magento With HTML5 And CSS 3

Online training course WordPress and Magento training courses are high-in-demand courses in the market followed by the rise of demands of web developers in the freelancing market. Still, there are a lot of things that one should consider while choosing a course. Some things that you should keep in mind are understanding the instructor and the language of the course so that you can get what the instructor wants to convey and PFTP's online WordPress course in Lahore is the best in the market when it comes to teaching the subject at the level of the students and that too in their language. 

PFTP has Tylor made this online Magento course for Pakistani students so that it can help the youth of Pakistan to grab all the space in the freelancing markets places. It is designed in Urdu with a deep understanding of the subject and a practical learning experience that will help you learn the art of making a website with CMS like WordPress or Magento.

WordPress is an easy app to use. You don't need any science or skills to use it. It is granting you free access to essential tools for making a website.  You can install it just with a single click and start your work. It is entirely suitable for a beginner to a skilled person. You don't need a lot of effort to make it act so that may be the reason why people like it so much. 

How to Choose a Good training WordPress Courses With HTML5 And CSS 3?

WordPress was developed to help people make new web blogs and websites without any coding knowledge but we believe that to have a deep understanding of the websites one must have a basic knowledge of the HTML and CSS3 which makes the structure of the websites. PFTP has developed this online WordPress training course to teach students about the best and worst of web development and to do that we teach HTML and Css3 along with the practical knowledge of the course and hands-on practice. 

Our training course WordPress is the best in Lahore as this online Magento course teaches the students about WordPress Magento and basics of html and css so that students have a complete knowledge of all the web development domains 

Why enroll in this WordPress & Magento course?

Word press powers are the third world's website. With tools for everyone from personal bloggers to large corporations. This powerful site builder and content management system CMS aims to make it possible for anyone to create an online presence in minutes. The WordPress platform is flexible, scalable, and always free to use.  As traditional IT outsourcing other south Asian nations are becoming increasingly expensive. These countries are finding it hard to compete in technology areas like WordPress and Magento development. That is why PfTP came up with this WordPress training course with online Magento training and basics of HTML and CSS coding helping Pakistani youth to lead the development industry on the Asian continent 

What is the process for enrolling in one of your classes?

Pakistan freelancing training program is designed in such a way that someone with basic IT and computer skills could use our courses easily and take full advantage of our provided opportunity.  

In order to enroll in the training course WordPress, you will need to follow the following steps 

Step 1 visit our web page PFTP. 

Step 2 Select the online WordPress course from the courses given. 

Step 3 fill out the form with your information, and contact details and answer a few questions to see if you qualify for the course.

Step 4 an online invoice will be generated.

Step 5 after the verification of the payment you will be granted access to all the course resources. 

How many types of courses are in WordPress & Magento?

WordPress and Magento training courses cover the vast and in-depth web development knowledge from managing a CMS to making a website from scratch and building a branding site to help a business grow but we are not only limited to this we also provide in-depth training in HTML and CSS so that students can understand what the instructor intended to teach. 

Advantages of course for WordPress,& Magento With HTML5 And CSS 3

Minimal effort for maintenance

If you're just starting your online business and want people to know your brand first, WordPress is a great place to start. Easy to use and doesn't require much time and effort to get it working. There are also some plugins that can help increase brand awareness.

Easy to change the look

You don't have to develop your WordPress site from scratch. In other words, you can change the look of your WordPress site simply by changing the theme. No data is lost when changing themes, and the process is very easy and quick.

Cheap with almost fees

For WordPress, the only fees you need to pay are hosting fees (we recommend using paid ones for e-commerce sites) or other similar fees (such as payment processing fees if used).

Infinite customization

Yes, you can create your favorite type of shop with WordPress. This is due to all the features you can get from thousands of plugins.

Premium theme

If you don't want to waste more money on your WordPress site, there are several free themes available. These free themes work fine. However, premium themes can do more than just beautiful designs to improve the look and feel. Sometimes it comes with built-in plugins that allow you to do more on your website.

What is the actual worth of this WordPress development course?

Word press is an excellent example of the collaborative world of today. The best platform can do a lot and is free. The features of Word Press so appealing to bloggers and other kinds of Internet publishers also appealed to a far wider audience, including some of the most prominent companies in the US and around the world. The most recent version of the platform has been downloaded over 22 million times so far, and new versions continue to be developed by the large Word Press user community.

  • Flexible and Adaptable for Changing Needs 

  • User-friendly—Even for Beginners 

  • Themes Offer Multiple Options 

  • Plugins Extend Functionality 

  • Word Press Sites Rank High 

  • Word Press Sites Are Mobile Responsive 

  • Word Press Sites Have a Built-In Blog 

  • The Word Press Community Offers Support

What services are we providing after getting this training WordPress course and magenta?

After attempting our online WordPress course you will be trained to provide the services of a professional WordPress developer and on top of that, you will also be trained to professionally earn from your newly learned skill by freelancing on different freelancing websites like Upwork Fiverr and people to people. 

This WordPress training not only enables you to become a WordPress developer but also opens the gates of the development world for you as it also teaches you the structure of the website through HTML and CSS.


Can you pre-schedule your classes?

Yes as it's an online course you can take all the control of your class and set a time to watch the training videos in your comfort. 

When will the course be over?

This course is designed to last for 3 month period during that period 1.5 months are dedicated to teaching you the subject knowledge and the time left is used to get help you learn different ways to earn your skills and to test your knowledge through tests quizzes assignments and projects.

Can I take your classes if I do not know HTML or CSS?

Our WordPress and Magento course is made for complete beginners. Who are new to the industry of development and want to make a high-earning career in the field. But don't know much about the coding and structure of a website. It will help all the students to learn HTML and CSS with the help of practical hands-on training and proper guidance from the teacher. 

Does WordPress require coding?

No WordPress is a free open source app that helps you create websites and blogs without having any knowledge of coding HTML and CSS but at PfTP we believe that HTML CSS and basic web structure is an essential elements of the web development course.

Can I learn a WordPress course without a domain?

Yes, essentially you can, and to help you train in the best way possible we provide you with a dummy website and a domain name on which you can practice to improve your skills.




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